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My first year with Cortissa at fairs

I thought it would be fun to share with you my rookie year with Cortissa! Well… where should I start? Maybe tell how the first days were, the intense work, lots of contacts ….and what I gained from it.

Right from the start, I thought that everyone would be excited when they got to know the Cortissa’s products because they are unique, and they convey a positive message.

However, for that to happen, I had to stimulate the curiosity of visitors and attract them to my stall, showing that the “Cortissa” brand is much more than luxury fashion. It's a way of life, a sustainable alternative to leather.

It is therefore essential to touch and feel the material of this brand's products as they are all made of cork.

Cork is a material that is light, durable, resistant to scratches, stains, water and, most importantly, it is antimicrobial!

Don't you think this is absolutely amazing?!!!

However, few people really know the cork fabric, confusing it with leather.

So, come with me as I walk you through the first stages of my journey!

The main objective is to provoke interest in our products and in the ecological values ​​they convey.

1st stage - We start by looking for, selecting and choosing the fairs and at the same time, preparing the most appropriate logistics for the achievement of our objectives. Then making the products known for their special characteristics, but also making people aware of the advantages.

Only exposing the products was not enough. It was necessary to prepare the space making it appealing and irresistible because it was new.

I obtained specific and clear information for my setup from research I did on product exhibitions. It was also through experience that I changed things as I started to get inspired and get a good vision for the type of image, I wanted for Cortissa.

Essentially, I needed to familiarize myself with this kind of fairs to draw up a list of items needed for this type of event.

At the start of the list, we have the products from the Cortissa brand. Then for the space, a gazebo, table and chair, and a list of accessories that helps showcase the main stair of the show-the product.

2nd stage – We move on to the project implementation phase!

With so much care and attention invested in the preparation and planning, I felt confident and ready for my first fair. I was aware that the first appearance was going to be, above all, a great experience for me.

In fact, no matter how prepared we are, at the “moment of truth”, we always feel nervous, which is normal in new situations and with me it was no different. I was super nervous! But as I foresaw that this could happen, I prepared myself by asking for the support of some friends who kept me company during the event.

By the end of the day, I felt more confident, stronger, and determined to keep going. Especially because the feedback was very positive, and people were really complementary which was lovely.

The next fair came and as I had predicted it was considered a success. I mastered the situation well; I met lovely people; I spoke about why I had founded Cortissa. I spoke about my passion to contribute for a sustainable world and also talked about the exceptional characteristics of the material used in its manufacturing, cork.

Personally, I believe that the success of projects like Cortissa is not only measured by the number of sales, but also by the interest and enthusiasm shown by the people I met. I even discovered that we share common ideals and interests related to our environmental concerns.

I am very happy that I decided to follow this approach of exhibiting our products at fairs, as cork is a new material that few people know about. It's crucial that people see and feel how amazing Cortissa brand products are! It is also important to spread the word so that everyone understands why cork is sustainable and environmentally friendly, as no trees are damaged while extracting the bark. Cork tree is a tree with amazing characteristics that keeps on giving.

It only remains for me to add that I was surprised by the teamwork spirit of the vendors, which I easily identified with. We shared our experiences and helped each other in order to contribute to everyone's success.

It has been an amazing experience and I'm looking forward to seeing what 2022 has in store for Cortissa!

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Looking forward to seeing what Cortissa will offer in 2022!

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