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Unique personality

Cortissa® has a unique personality because of its vintage look and its eco-friendly, fun and colourful accessories. Everyone has a favourite colour that better defines who they are. After all, we believe that Cortissa®'s bright colours can change our clients' moods. We choose things in general because we want to feel in a particular way. We challenge you to let Cortissa® bring some fun and elegance to your life and want you to feel good. Those bright colours can be a reflection of your happiness and cheer you up. We want Cortissa®'s vibrant and lively colours to be combined with elegant and sustainable materials to help you raise your - and everyone around you - spirit.

A story of sustainability

Our Story


Cortissa®'s business idea and inspiration started at the University of Essex after Maria Barata the founder concluded a research on cork as part of her Masters' dissertation. Much to her surprise fashion has a bigger impact on the environment, people's health and animals than expected.


Following many interviews of cork enthusiasts Maria discovered that these products have amazing quality, look and feel. Some people told her that the real challenge for vegans was to find quality yet sustainable fashion products. There is still a lot of work to be done to spread the word about  innovative and sustainable material that is cork.


Cork fabric is known by many as the "new leather " due to its durability and quality. It is  extracted from the cork oak tree without ever harming it. The founder thought that she could do her part as a Portuguese national in using the knowledge acquired to make this innovative and unique material known to the world . Cortissa® is committed to making a difference by having the environment as a core value that guides the business through every decision.

Where our products are made?

Our raw cork material and production are sourced in Portugal. The cork oak tree is considered a national heritage due to its importance to the environment. Since it prevents desertification, improves water penetration into the soil, promotes soil conservation, and is the perfect habitat for many animal and vegetable species.


So it is crucial that we don't let this industry die because of the alternative to cork bottle stoppers. This innovative application has not only come to save the cork industry as well as the environment. The cork industry helps develop rural communities in Portugal, where the forests and most factories are located. ​Also, Cortissa® is committed to working with vegan certified factories that comply with European labour rules.


At the heart of the brand is the commitment to contributing to environmental protection and ethical sourcing in every aspect of its business practice.

Our Impact

Cortissa®'s ethos is to lower the environmental impact. Cortissa® uses sustainable and eco-friendly cork raw material, but we don't stop here. We also make sure that the packaging and shipping solutions are from materials carefully selected to make sure that we transform our world into one with sustainable fashion.


We care about our planet and our future, so it is Cortissa®'s role to spread the word and set sustainable practices that clients and other businesses will follow.

a dream turned into reality

This project was backed by people that believe in this project and its founder.

"I am so grateful, and my heart is full due to the support of friends, family and people that resonate with Cortissa®'s values. Cortissa® is more than a brand, it is a representation of what we want for all of us, to make a positive impact without missing out on anything, have fun and spread those values"  Maria Barata

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