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Cork Fashion accessories

HANDMADE sustainable & environmentally friendly cork products

Our favourites

Sally is fun and elegant

Sally comes in vibrant and bright colors. She is produced from sustainable cork material and handmade in Portugal.

210220 Mens wallet .jpeg

Men's wallet gonk

The light and waterproof cork material designed to look natural and elegant. Green products with Cortissa® look stylish and sophisticated.

Sustainable Cork

The cork tree is a tree that keeps on giving! Cork material is an eco-friendly and an 100% sustainable material  because there is  no need to cut down a tree to extract cork from it.  The bark the only part of the tree needed for the extraction of cork material. It is stripped by highly specialized harvesters using axes and their bare hands to separate the cork from the tree, peeling off the cork without harming the tree.


"I was amazed and surprised by the quality and feel of cork products. I am really excited to get my wallet that I ordered through Kickstarter." 

Gonçalo Cal, United Kingdom


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